Aerograd Kolomna invites you to take a safe and enjoyable wingsuit flying course. The modern wingsuit cuts vertical speed up to three times, to 70–80 kilometers per hour and increases flight distance by 8–12 kilometers at a speed of 200–250 kilometers per hour. A wingsuit jump lasts an average 3 minutes.

There are several skydiving disciplines to use the wingsuit: BASE, RW, formations, and long distance jumps.

Wingsuiting has been rapidly developing as a skydiving discipline: record-breaking formations are built in the U.S., long distance and wingsuit RW competitions are held on a regular basis.

Andrey Baykov, Russia’s wingsuit formations record holder, is the wingsuiting coach at Aerograd Kolomna. Theory only takes a few hours, followed by routines on the ground and then a trial jump in the suit.

Requirements for wingsuiting students:

  • At least 200 jumps from 4,000 meters,
  • Low-speed canopy
  • Audible or regular altimeter
  • Fee per coached jump – RUB 3 420

Please, call or write to the email address below if you have any questions about training, wingsuit jumps, or booking suits: