ATTENTION! Now you have the opportunity to undergo training programs to obtain the coaching rating, the AFF instructor and the TM master according to USPA standards.
If you are interested, contact Stefan Lipp by mail
Certificate of attestation "Aerograd Kolomna" in the USPA.

Training of instructors

The Aerograd Kolomna Academy holds training and certification courses for AFF and tandem instructors on a regular basis. Extensive theory knowledge and many years of practice of our instructors/examiners make it possible for us to train top class professionals. If you make up your mind to become a professional skydiving instructor, the Aerograd Kolomna Academy is what you need.

An AFF instructor pre-course

You can start your preparation for an AFF instructor training course on any day: our instructors/examiners are always ready to share their practical skills of working with students — from theoretical subtleties to practical students’ errors. As soon as you make the required number of training jumps as part of the course, you will easily get your credits for an AFF instructor course.The pre-course will also interest those willing to check whether they have what it takes to become an AFF instructor and get ready for the main course.

Every jump must be videotaped.

The AFF instructor certification course

The course is designed for those who are confident enough and ready to take the hard AFF instructor test. Following in-depth theoretical training you will take exams and, if successful, make three trial jumps to obtain a temporary AFF instructor license that will remain effective until you obtain a permanent license.

You can now start making AFF jumps as a reserve instructor and after you make 50 jumps, you will be promoted to the main instructor.

Every jump must be videotaped.

Minimum requirements for taking the certification course:

  • at least 1,000 sports jumps with a wing parachute;
  • at least 200 sports jumps over the past 12 months;
  • at least 4 hours of freefall in total;
  • have a cutaway in a real-life situation or practice;
  • have three years of experience as a skydiver;
  • be at least 21 years of age.

The tandem master certification course

Nothing is better than to share the joy of freefall with people!

The Aerograd Kolomna Academy invites you to enroll in the tandem master certification course — once you complete it, you will be able to make tandem jumps as an instructor.

Requirements for candidates:

  • at least 21 years of age;
  • at least 500 sports jumps (wing);
  • the rank of the skydiving instructor (PDP) (aviation specialist certificate);
  • properly registered D category;
  • have a cutaway in a real-life situation or practice;
  • flight medical board (VLK)/flight medical expert board (VLEK) clearance;
  • skydiving accident insurance;
  • skydivers from drop zones other than Aerograd Kolomna must have an official application for the training course signed by the head of their respective organizations (the original copy).

Terms and conditions:

  • course fee (theory + 10 jumps) — RUB 75,000
  • at least 10 jumps must be made with an experienced skydiver at Aerograd Kolomna following the course to be cleared for individual jumps (RUB 3,600 per jump)