Have you ever been jealous of birds? Have you ever soared in the clouds in your dreams? Or maybe you are ready to see what you are worth? Or maybe your friends have given you a tandem jump certificate as a gift? Whatever brought you to this website, your choice is right—congratulations!

We will make your dream come true: a jump with a tandem master from an altitude of 4,000 meters means a whole minute of freefall, when there is nothing else in this world, but you and the sky, followed by a few exciting minutes under a bright canopy. These unforgettable minutes will stay with you forever and may completely change your life. Our big sky family is always glad to have you! Welcome to the amazing world, where every runway bodes takeoff, where people are always smiling, and where you can see the sun even on a cloudy day.

We have shot a video with all details to answer any questions that you may have.

Watch it now:

There is no need to have a prior appointment. You can choose any day you like—we work every day from May to mid-October and on weekends and holidays during the cold season. We suggest you should come in the morning, but there is no need to hurry—the only important thing is to arrive two or three hours before it gets dark.

As soon as you arrive, go to the Manifest. You can ask anyone at the drop zone where it is (also ask this person what it means—if you get your answer, you are talking to a real skydiver). The cash desk is next to the Manifest. Here you will need to:

  • Pay for the jump or produce your gift certificate;
  • Pay for video footage or still photography (optional);
  • Fill in the form (bring your passport!).

Hand the form over to a representative of the Manifest staff, who will enter you in your takeoff group and introduce you to your ground instructor.

The ground pre-jump briefing area is equipped with convenient dressing rooms, where you leave your personal possessions in lockers. The ground instructor will help you pick the right suit, gloves, helmet, goggles, and harness—all costs are included in your skydive fee.

A detailed briefing follows, where you can ask any question that you have—even those included in the Q&A section on this website. Don’t hesitate to ask questions—you will have another chance to see how professional all our staff are.

After the ground briefing you will meet your personal tandem instructor and your camera man. Proceed to the inspection line, were they will check your equipment again. Board your plane, and it will take you into the sky in just a couple of minutes—towards The Biggest Adventure in Your Life!


When the plane begins its ascent, your tandem master will tell you what to do next. The sensation of freefall is a completely unfamiliar state for a person that has walked on the firm ground all his/her life. Therefore, it is absolutely normal if you feel perplexed when you exit the plane. But you do not have to do anything on your own! Your instructor will perform all of the essential elements of the jump for both of you; just listen to the instructions and enjoy your flight!

Your tandem master will stabilize your body position and you will be able to wave your arms as if you were a bird and had wings! You will travel almost 2.5 kilometers vertically and go through a mix of emotions from exaltation to euphoria. You are in for 50 seconds of pure drive before your chute opens at 1,500 meters. .

The wing parachute has a decent horizontal speed; in other words, you do not just descend, but fly for real. Your flight will last five to seven minutes, and you will have plenty of time to enjoy being in the “driver’s seat” and admire the unusual view. Even if you always take a window seat in a commercial jet plane, believe us, you will see a completely different picture! The glistening band of the Oka River, ancient Kolomna on the horizon, and even regular roads, forests, fields, and picturesque villages will look completely different, just like a fairy-tale town from a children’s book, and you will be soaring over it in absolute silence, driven only by the wind and your own heart. It is this sensation that many beginner skydivers describe as the most exciting and extraordinary moment of their life. The whole world is at your feet!

You will land on the tandem master’s feet, though; which is why you will enjoy a cushioned landing—the instructor will deal with the double load. Just raise your legs a bit as soon as your instructor commands. The camera man will be expecting you on the ground to videotape your emotions as soon as you touch the ground after your flight. Believe us, you will want to watch these moments with your friends over and over again—they with jealously, and you with pride in your determination.


A tandem jump is the safest way to make your first skydive. Have no worries: an individual прыжок с парашютомinstructor with years of experience will always be next to you.

Aerograd Kolomna has severe requirements for its instructors’ qualifications, so we have every reason to say that we work with the best of the best.

Each tandem master at Aerograd Kolomna possesses both an international certificate and a complete package of documents to comply with the Russian applicable legislation. Our instructors include current champions of the world, Europe and Russia, honored coaches and international masters of sport in various skydiving disciplines.

The same applies to our photographers and camera crews. They have a wealth of experience in shooting tandems, international records and official competitions of the Parachute Sport Federation, where a few lost seconds cold cost an athlete a medal. Therefore, once you order video footage or still photography of your skydive, you can be sure that you will get exciting and emotional photos and videos of top quality, not the “sorry, I didn’t catch it” stuff.

There is every reason for us to say that Aerograd Kolomna has the best physical infrastructure of all Russian skydiving clubs. We use the best state-of-the-art parachute systems and run our own maintenance service to check our equipment on a daily basis. All of our parachutes are equipped with electronic automatic activation devices in compliance with international rules for tandem skydiving.

If you feel that you love skydiving, you can always take a complete AFF course at Aerograd Kolomna, which will provide enough training for you to fly a wing parachute. Read here for more details.

Anyway, after your tandem jump you will receive a “True Skydiver Certificate” and a 10% discount on all dishes on the menu of Gissada Restaurant. The restaurant is located within the area of the club, so you can always invite your friends to share the joy of your feat. You may want them to experience the same unique emotions, and we are here to help. The easiest way to share a piece of the sky with your friends is to buy a tandem jump gift certificate. You can buy one at Aerograd Koloma with no extra charges. See detailed information about certificates and special offers.


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