We have the best, most experienced RW coaches at Aerograd Kolomna. Athletes and teams from all corners of the world come to us to improve their RW skills. World champions and record holders will share their invaluable experience and expertise at the Aerograd RW School.

It does not matter whether you have just completed an AFF course or won a national championship—you will always find a program that will suit you. So, you have a team of four (or even eight), you have made a few jumps, and you realize that you are short of skills to work more effectively? Or you have already won a tournament, but you want to further improve your results?

Then coaches of the RW School are at your service. Winners of multiple cups and Russian, European, and World championships are ready to share their invaluable experience with you.

An individual program is developed for each team, and a personal coach will be working with you until you feel that you have achieved your goal.

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