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A Tandem Jump with an Instructor

A tandem jump
18 000 k  
"Birthday"Jump Ticket
16 200 k  
Video and Photo shooting
3 800 k  

For skilled skydivers

Jump Ticket (L-410, Mi-8; 1500-4000m)
2 300 k  
Video and Photo shooting of a jump
3 500 k  
RW Instructor jump
6 420 k  
WS Instructor jump
6 420 k  
FF Instructor jump
6 420 k  
USPA AFF Course and USPA Licenses
2 600 k  

For current price information, please visit the Flight Club skydiving school at:


Package jump offers:

Package “Weekend” - 2270

Jumps: 10

Expire in 3 days

Jump (30RUB off)
2 270 k  

Available on Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Package “Active” - 112 500 , 2250 per jump

Jumps: 50

Expire in 30 days

"Active" package
112 500 k  
Jump (50 RUB off)
2 250 k  

Package “Team” (for teams of 3 people and more)

Jumps: 50

Expire in 30 days

"Team" package
110 000 k  
Jump (100 RUB off)
2 200 k  

Terms and conditions of package jump offers

  • Packages are available subject to 100% prepayment.
  • If the customer fails to use all the jumps in the package, then fund balance remains on the customer’s account and can be used to pay for jumps at their full price.
  • Package offers can only be used by the account holder. The account holder may not transfer package jumps or money to other accounts’ holders.
  • Package sales may be suspended or stopped with no reason. Customers shall be given a seven-day official notice (posted on the website).
  • The package discount may not be used together with other discounts.

Additional services

Gear rent

Jumpsuit (per day)
400 k  
Helmet (per day)
200 k  
Goggles (per day)
100 k  
Weight belt (per day)
100 k  
Gloves (per day)
200 k  
Altimeter (per day)
400 k  
Parachute system (per jump)
1 050 k  
Wingsuit (per jump)
300 k  
Wingsuit (per day)
1 200 k  
Big screen TV set (per day)
300 k  


2 500 k  
300 k  
350 k  
Below 190ft
250 k  
Above 200ft
300 k  
Life-saving system
3 500 k  


Accommodation Prices

Tent camp (from 15 April to 15 October)

Per day
100 k  
Per month
3 000 k  
Per season (4 months)
9 000 k  
  • If you need accommodation at the DZ please follow http://hotel.aerograd.ru/en/rooms/
  • A 100% down payment is due with registration.
  • Once the down payment is made, the customer gets a number and signs an agreement with the Club.
  • Tents can only be put up within the designated fenced area.
  • The tents put up without registration and payment will be removed from the campsite.

Bungalows (from 15 April to 15 October):

Bed in a double per day
1 200 k  
Bed in a double (more than 5 days in total)
1 100 k  
Double room per day
2 400 k  
Double room (more than 5 days in total)
2 200 k