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Skydiving at the North Pole

Dear sportsmen,
Again we invite You to unforgettable trip to make the most incredible adventure in your life!
In 2016 you will have the unique opportunity to skydive at one of themost charming, beautiful and unusual places of our planet – at the

You should just imagine It: spaceless white fields, the clearest air, wild powerful nature and never-ending quietness. It is that place visiting which you can say with proud: “I’ve been at the head of the World!”

One  Arctic discoverer said, that at the North Pole you look inside yourself.
Try the sense of pacification, balance, harmony and look inside yourself because it is more expensive than all money in the world.

Dear skydivers, you have incredible chance to have jumps with parachute at the North Pole.
If you want to tell your grandchildren stories about your adventures this stories must be only such interesting.

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