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Parashute Jump Price Change from April, 7 2017

Dear sportsmen and guests of Aerograd Kolomna,
We`d like to inform you that from April, 7 some skydiving prices are going to change.

You can find updated airclub prices lower.

Tandem jump price: 9,600 RUB

Ascent (L-410, Mi-8, to 1,500-4,000 meters): 1,320 Rub
Jump with instructor: (RW, WS, FF): 3,020 Rub

Skydiving in formation: 1,470 Rub
Skydiving in Alpha formation : 1,570 Rub

AFF Tandem, the price: 22,900 Rub
Video and photo shoot of a jump: 2,100 Rub

You can get acquanted with basic positions of updated airclub prices at section News. Full variant of updated airclub prices is sutuated at section Prices .