Our aircraft fleet includes one CESSNA C-172S light training aircraft, five L-410 UVP-E passenger airplanes, of them three have unique personalities and even personal names — Oryol, Umka and Bars, whereas one more plane is named after the first three times Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot Alexander Pokryshkin. We also operate one Cessna 172S airplane and one Mi-8 helicopter.


The L-410 is a versatile civil passenger 19-seat aircraft powered by two M601-E turbo-propeller engines and equipped with avionics enabling it t o fly in adverse weather conditions. The L-410 is one of the best aircraft of its class in the world by its technical and economic characteristics.


The Mi-8T is a Russian troop lift helicopter designed for the Air Force. The helicopter has a capacity to carry 24 skydivers. The Mi-8T is the most widespread twin-turbine helicopter in the world. It is used to drop skydivers and train pararescue jumpers.

L-410 "Irbis" L-410 "Eagle"